Our counsellors at Education UK are the first to receive a Distinction in the British Council Training Certificate, 2008 and 2010, in Hong Kong and Malaysia respectively.


Study abroad is a very big decision: one that needs a lot of thought and consideration. Why not use Education UK's expertise and understanding to get yourself in poll position?


Entering a university or college in the UK is the end of a process rather than a one off decision, with many processes to be gone through. We understand this system with all its twists and turns.


You will receive a personalized service. You will not be dealing with a huge bureaucracy – that is our job.


So when you walk into Education UK office what will we do? Well, after offering you a drink of tea or water, we will do the following:

Ask you to fill in our forms that ask you some basic questions i.e. contact details, education background and aspirations. This gives us a baseline to work from and also means that we can contact you when staff from our partners are in town.


  You will then meet one of our very experienced counsellors for UK education who will discuss with you what you want. She will then:

  •  Explain the range of options open to you
  •  Give feedback on what the alternatives are


If you decide to apply, our counsellor will:

  • Give guidance on application process. This will include guidelines on referees/ advice on English Language level. This varies from university to university and from college to college.
  • Suggest how to improve your application
  • Check with you your documents are all present and correct
  • Certify your transcripts


 After you have left your application what do we do?

  •  We send it to our colleagues in the college or university
  •  We check that they have received it
  •  Follow up on progress of application


 Meeting university / college representatives

You will often have the opportunity to meet staff from colleges or universities. Why is this beneficial?

  • Because you will have time to explain what you want and will also get feedback on what is possible
  • You will have more time to explain your background and long term plans in a more relaxed manner
  • You will be able to discuss entry requirements as well as hearing in greater detail what the university can offer


These kind of interviews make follow up of any application much easier. Education UK will make a point of tracking progress on behalf of the student.

Once you have been given an offer for a place to study in the UK the counsellor's work is not over. They will help you to sort out accommodation, give advice on travelling and also they may be able to put you in contact with other students travelling to the same institutions.

Finally we will contact you when you have settled in the college/university so that we know how you are doing.


Education UK